• How to choose the right hosting platform for your WordPress site.

    Let’s say that you’ve had a good month at work, and you decide to treat yourself a little: you buy yourself a Maserati MC20 with your avocado money. Would you park your lovely new car on a busy but narrow road, next to a nightclub, under a tree full of nesting pigeons? Of course you wouldn’t. And yet, so many people choose to throw their website up on the first web host they find, without giving it any further thought.

  • Five ways to mismanage a remote development team.

    Remote work sounds great, but there’s more to it than having a laptop and decent WiFi. You have to be prepared for cultural clashes, miscommunication, shattered expectations… To run an effective remote team, you have to be prepared to put in a lot of work. Or, just read this post and unthinkingly follow our 5 terrible tips directly down the path to ruin.

  • Six website audits to help keep your WordPress site healthy

    Unless you use a website regularly, it can be tricky to spot when parts begin to look outdated or need a refresh. This is where having a systematic audit process comes in handy.

  • How (and why) to back up your WordPress site

    Imagine what would happen if your website were to stop working right now. What could you lose as a result? How much work would it take to get back up and running again?

  • Project management for WordPress: Setting a communication schedule

    Communication is a vital part of your project’s success. Find out how to keep your WordPress build on track by setting an effective communication schedule.

  • WordPress GDPR compliance: Standard WordPress cookies.

    Understand the default WordPress cookies, and find out how to make sure your site meets all the GDPR cookie requirements.

  • Five steps to update your WordPress site.

    Updates keep your WordPress site secure and running smoothly. Follow our update process to make sure your updates always go without a hitch.

  • Why you should always keep your WordPress site updated.

    You’re probably fed up with being told to keep your WordPress site up-to-date. Every time you log in, that little red alert icon guilt trips you from the sidebar, and now I’m going to nag you about it as well? ‘Fraid so.

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