Weekend Reading: Who Says RSS is Dead?

It’s been an admin-heavy week. One of the joys of running a company — even a tiny one — is the sheer amount of stuff that always needs doing. My list is still fairly long, but at least it’s shorter than it was.

One of the more fun jobs I set myself this week was to subscribe to some RSS feeds.

One of my favourite things about Twitter when it was relatively new was the amount of great articles that would appear in my timeline daily. I learned a huge amount about design, development and running a business from articles I found on Twitter. That’s something that seems to have been lost over the last five or six years.

In the hope of recapturing something of that flow of content, I worked my way through https://personalsit.es, and subscribed to all the RSS feeds I could find. It’s been nice to check my feed reader (Reeder, if you’re interested) every day and find new articles sitting there for me to read.

On which note, I need to get an RSS feed up and running on here.

Anyway, on with the articles!