New Adventures 2020 Writeup

Last week I went to New Adventures conference. It was my first New Adventures, and my first time in Nottingham, and both were fantastic.

I had heard a lot about NA Conf and had always been curious – it has a reputation for thinking more widely than your typical common or garden design conference. You don’t get practical talks at New Adventures, people said. There’s very little code on show. At New Adventures, they tackle the meatier issues affecting our industry; worthy topics like Ethics and Diversity.

It sounded exciting, but to be honest, it also sounded a little intimidating. When early-bird tickets were released I returned to the website several times to hover my cursor indecisively over the Buy Now button. I hesitated so long the early-bird tickets sold out, at which point I immediately bought one at full price in sudden fear of missing out.

It’s a decision I’m very glad I made.